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Dialogue meeting: Experiences with improvements to CSR management and productivity in the garment industry of Bangladesh

The Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade, together with Aalborg University and Dansk Mode & Textil, invites dialogue meetings, where we present and discuss results and experiences from the projects in the clothing industry in Bangladesh: POSH and Step Up. Both projects have worked to improve both CSR management systems / working environment conditions and productivity in a number of Bangladeshi clothing companies.

POSH is a partnership between Aalborg University and AUST (Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology). The Step Up project is a partnership between the Danish partners – DM&T (lead), Dansk Erhverv and Global Fashion Agenda – and the Bangladeshi employer organization BGMEA.


  1. OHS improvements DIEH 20180108 Peter Hale
  2. Workshop V1 2019_POHS_Strategies and Interest for buyers-involvement in RMG Industy Rana
  3. Productivity & OHS_Integration_DIEH_IMRAN