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International Scientific Conference

Creating a sustainable future for the garment industry

– Understanding occupational health and safety, productivity and quality

Time: 5-7 March 2019

Venue: Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Dhaka

Content: Keynotes, presentation of scientific papers, presentation of practitioners experience, workshops, round tables.

Suggestions for thematic streams, workshops and round tables are welcome. Deadline 1 August 2018. 

Submission of abstracts scientific papers and practitioner experience deadline 1 October 2018.

All abstracts will be peer reviewed.

The ready-made garment industry continues to create new challenges for research all over the world. Most researchers seem to agree that the ready-made garment industry is complex and comprises paradoxical elements. It provides jobs for millions of workers in developing countries, workers who would otherwise be jobless. Yet, the salaries are often squeezed to levels below the living wage. The workers are also exposed to a hazardous work environments with unregulated overtime, accidents and repetitive strain injuries. In parallel global buyers are exposing the suppliers both to a tough price competition and higher CSR standards. These elements make it challenging to envision a socially sustainable future for the global garment industry.

This conference aims at identifying and presenting new research related to social and economic  sustainability and also disseminates these new ideas to the practitioners in the industry. The conference organisers therefor invites papers from scholars all over the world engaged in basic, applied or action research contributing to understanding and/or solution of the sustainability challenges.

Possible relevant themes are:

  • Lean and the implication for productivity and social sustainability in the garment industry
  • High performance work systems in the garment industry
  • Diversity management among garment suppliers in the Global South
  • The impact of certification and compliance audits
  • Possibilities for overcoming the low road industrialisation strategy in the garment industry
  • Supplier development and social sustainability
  • Tensions between productivity and social sustainability
  • Ethnic labour market segmentation and garment industry
  • Gender exploitation in the garment industry
  • Transparency and upgrading in the global garment industry
  • Embracing design by suppliers in the South and the impact on sustainability
  • The link between social and environmental sustainability

These are examples only and not exhaustive.

It is the goal of the conference to make knowledge ‘working in practise’ and we organise parallel workshops where academics, policy makers, business owners and other stakeholders debate the practical relevance and implementation of solutions to the sustainability challenges. The conference therefor offers a unique opportunity to both push the research future ahead and helt facilitating actual positive change in the industry.

Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST) and Aalborg University are organising this first ever conference which puts an integrated perspective on occupational health and safety, productivity and quality in the garment sector.

The conference takes place in Dhaka, Bangladesh in the middle of the one of the leading garment exporting countries which gives the perfect setting for the development of new understandings of the industry.